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angles.cpp File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include "model/metamodel/grids/cellgrid.h"
#include "model/structures/layer.h"
#include "angles.h"
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int32_t FIFE::getIndexByAngle (int32_t angle, const type_angle2id &angle2id, int32_t &closestMatchingAngle)
 Returns id for given angle from angle2id map in case there are no elements in the map, negative value is returned. More...
int32_t FIFE::getAngleBetween (const Location &loc1, const Location &loc2)
 Gets angle of vector defined by given locations. More...
Location FIFE::getFacing (const Location &loc, const int32_t angle)
 Gets facing location defined by given angle and location. More...
int32_t FIFE::getAngleBetween (const ExactModelCoordinate &emc1, const ExactModelCoordinate &emc2)
 Gets angle of vector defined by given map coordinates. More...
ExactModelCoordinate FIFE::getFacing (const ExactModelCoordinate &emc, const int32_t angle)
 Gets facing map coordinate defined by given angle and map coordinate. More...