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exception.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include <stdexcept>
#include "util/log/logger.h"
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class  FIFE::Exception
 Exception base class. More...




#define FIFE_EXCEPTION_DECL(_name, _description)


 FIFE::FIFE_EXCEPTION_DECL (SDLException,"SDL reported something bad")
 FIFE::FIFE_EXCEPTION_DECL (NotFound,"Something was searched, but not found")
 FIFE::FIFE_EXCEPTION_DECL (NotSet,"Something was not set correctly")
 FIFE::FIFE_EXCEPTION_DECL (IndexOverflow,"Someone tried to access a non-existing element")
 FIFE::FIFE_EXCEPTION_DECL (InvalidFormat,"Found invalid data")
 FIFE::FIFE_EXCEPTION_DECL (CannotOpenFile,"File couldn't be opened")
 FIFE::FIFE_EXCEPTION_DECL (InvalidConversion,"Tried an invalid conversion")
 FIFE::FIFE_EXCEPTION_DECL (NotSupported,"This action was not supported")
 FIFE::FIFE_EXCEPTION_DECL (NameClash,"A name or identifier is already in use")
 FIFE::FIFE_EXCEPTION_DECL (Duplicate,"A duplicate item was added, where this is not allowed")
 FIFE::FIFE_EXCEPTION_DECL (ScriptException,"Error related to scripting functionality")
 FIFE::FIFE_EXCEPTION_DECL (EventException,"Error related to event functionality")
 FIFE::FIFE_EXCEPTION_DECL (GuiException,"Error related to gui functionality")
 FIFE::FIFE_EXCEPTION_DECL (InconsistencyDetected,"An inconsistency in FIFE internals was detected. Please report this is a FIFE Bug.")
 FIFE::FIFE_EXCEPTION_DECL (OutOfMemory,"Buy more ram ;)")

Macro Definition Documentation

#define FIFE_EXCEPTION_DECL (   _name,
class _name : public Exception { \
public: \
_name(const std::string& msg) : Exception(msg) { Logger _log(LM_EXCEPTION); update(); FL_ERR(_log, what()); } \
const std::string& getTypeStr() const { static const std::string s = #_name; return s; } \
const std::string& getDescription() const { static const std::string s = _description; return s; } \
static Logger _log(LM_AUDIO)
#define FL_ERR(logger, msg)
Definition: logger.h:73

Definition at line 68 of file exception.h.