Package fife :: Package extensions :: Module fife_settings :: Class SettingEntry
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Class SettingEntry

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builtins.object --+

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, module, name, applyfunction=None, initialdata=None, requiresrestart=False) source code
onApply(self, data)
Implement actions that need to be taken when the setting is changed here.
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_getModule(self) source code
_setModule(self, module) source code
_getName(self) source code
_setName(self, name) source code
_getRequiresRestart(self) source code
_setRequiresRestart(self, requiresrestart) source code
_getInitialData(self) source code
_setInitialData(self, initialdata) source code
_getApplyFunction(self) source code
_setApplyFunction(self, applyfunction) source code
__str__(self) source code
Class Variables [hide private]
  module = property(_getModule, _setModule)
  name = property(_getName, _setName)
  requiresrestart = property(_getRequiresRestart, _setRequiresRe...
  initialdata = property(_getInitialData, _setInitialData)
  applyfunction = property(_getApplyFunction, _setApplyFunction)
Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, module, name, applyfunction=None, initialdata=None, requiresrestart=False)

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  • module (String) - The Setting module this Entry belongs to
  • name (String) - The Setting's name
  • applyfunction (function) - function that makes the changes when the Setting is saved
  • initialdata (String or Boolean) - If the widget supports the setInitialData() function this can be used to set the initial data
  • requiresrestart (Boolean) - Whether or not the changing of this setting requires a restart

Class Variable Details [hide private]


property(_getRequiresRestart, _setRequiresRestart)