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FIFE::Object::MovableObjectProperty Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 MovableObjectProperty ()
 Constructor. More...
 ~MovableObjectProperty ()
 Destructor. More...

Public Attributes

 pointer to pathfinder More...
std::string m_costId
 cost identifier More...
double m_cost
 cost value, default 1.0 More...
double m_speed
 speed modifier, default 1.0 More...
int32_t m_zRange
 z range value More...
std::list< std::string > m_walkableAreas
 list contains walkable area ids More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 388 of file object.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FIFE::Object::MovableObjectProperty::MovableObjectProperty ( )


Definition at line 57 of file object.cpp.

FIFE::Object::MovableObjectProperty::~MovableObjectProperty ( )


Definition at line 64 of file object.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

double FIFE::Object::MovableObjectProperty::m_cost

cost value, default 1.0

Definition at line 403 of file object.h.

Referenced by FIFE::Object::getCost(), and FIFE::Object::setCost().

std::string FIFE::Object::MovableObjectProperty::m_costId

cost identifier

Definition at line 400 of file object.h.

Referenced by FIFE::Object::getCostId(), FIFE::Object::isSpecialCost(), and FIFE::Object::setCostId().

IPather* FIFE::Object::MovableObjectProperty::m_pather

pointer to pathfinder

Definition at line 397 of file object.h.

Referenced by FIFE::Object::getPather(), and FIFE::Object::setPather().

double FIFE::Object::MovableObjectProperty::m_speed

speed modifier, default 1.0

Definition at line 406 of file object.h.

Referenced by FIFE::Object::getSpeed(), FIFE::Object::isSpecialSpeed(), and FIFE::Object::setSpeed().

std::list<std::string> FIFE::Object::MovableObjectProperty::m_walkableAreas

list contains walkable area ids

Definition at line 412 of file object.h.

Referenced by FIFE::Object::addWalkableArea(), and FIFE::Object::getWalkableAreas().

int32_t FIFE::Object::MovableObjectProperty::m_zRange

z range value

Definition at line 409 of file object.h.

Referenced by FIFE::Object::getZStepRange(), and FIFE::Object::setZStepRange().

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