Package fife :: Package extensions :: Package serializers :: Module simplexml :: Class SimpleSerializer
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Class SimpleSerializer

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builtins.object --+

Use this as a base class for custom setting loaders/savers to use with the Setting class.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, filename=None) source code
get(self, module, name, defaultValue=None) source code
set(self, module, name, value, extra_attrs={}) source code
load(self, filename=None) source code
save(self, filename=None) source code
getModuleNameList(self) source code
getAllSettings(self, module) source code
Method Details [hide private]

load(self, filename=None)

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Note: If the filename specified is empty this function MUST initialize an empty settings file in whatever format you need.


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Note: Returns all the module names that are present in the settings.xml file as a list of strings

getAllSettings(self, module)

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Note: Returns all the setting names and values under the Module name module as a dictionary structure